Outsourced Telecom Expense Management

Outsourced Telecom Expense Management

Outsourced Telecom Expense Management refers to the method of TEM when external help is hired to help in the reduction of money spent on Telecom services. The external help can either be a firm that is dedicated in Telecommunications Expense Management or it can also be a freelance TEM consultant.

The biggest advantage of outsourcing the work of Telecom Expense Management is that the person or firm hired is usually an expert in the field and outsourcing can bring about much better savings in telecom expenses than a company employee. There are several occurrences when companies have reported net savings that are much higher than the money spent on the hiring of external help. Usually these net savings are also much higher than the amount a company employee could help save from the telecom expenditure. Also, the time period required for effective results from a company employee is usually much more than the time outsourced help needs in producing notable reductions in the telecom bills. This means that while a company employee would be busy researching and trying to find ways to reduce the spending on telecom and its related services, outsourced companies and consultants would immediately start working on tried and tested Telecom Expense Management techniques to produce some sort of savings immediately.

This means that although outsourcing Telecom Expense Management may be more expensive initially than internal managed TEM, there are several factors which we can consider as benefits and bring savings to the company which are present in the outsourced work. 085 nummer onbeperkt bellen First of all the above discussed time taken for visible results is lower for outsourced contractor and thus while internal company employees are finding ways to implement Telecom Expense Management, they will be still paying the original inflated bills and if, in comparison, outsourced contractors produce immediate results, they are essentially saving the company one or two months of telecom bills that are of a higher amount. This is another ace in the cards for outsourced telecom expense management companies and several of them use this point very strongly in advertisements for their services.

Although outsourced telecom expense management can produce much better results than in–house efforts, it is definitely not suitable for all businesses. The companies that mainly deploy in–house auditors for the purposes of Telecom Expense Management are the smaller scale companies. For them there are not enough reductions possible from Telecom bills that would validate the expense required for outsourced TEM. Also, Telecom Expense Management is not given much importance by the smaller companies and they choose to bring about more efficiency in other places such as electricity usage as this provides them with more savings. Usually it occurs that company auditors, when without any specific work, are given assignments of comparing the tariffs of telecom charges of the current company and to calculate possible savings. If a more competitive package is found from either the current telecom services provider or any of its competitors, the auditor may recommend the higher ups in the company to switch to it to help save money.

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